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Our achievements

Following the results of RCHD in the rating of a competition in PHC the Training and practical Center "Demeu" became the PHC best organization. (2014 year)

1. Independent reception of family nurses;
2. Aftertreatment at the level of PHC;
3. The new complex integrated medico-social technologies;
4. Science and scientific research, partnership, cooperation with Higher education institutions;
5. Institution of a medal of NurbekovaBakhytAubakirovna;
6. Competition the best family nurse in opinion of the population, School of a healthy delivery;
7. Holding the first scientific and practical conference "Social work and psychologists. Prospects, initiatives, realization".
8. Training center of nurses;
9. Drama theater of the “Demeu” Center -"АлтынҒасыр".
Offers on further development of PHC in RK.
  1. . To define the uniform name of the PHC independent organization or unit of PHC in an out-patient department, in the country as the Center of family health (to replace the term "Medical Ambulatory"). Thenamedefines a PHC short.
  2. A possibility of transformation unit of PHC in an out-patient department in the independent legal entity.
  3. Construction of the compact Centers of family health adapted architecturally flexible on requirements and needs of the population.
  4. Because in world practice where there is a family medicine, the name of a profession - "The family doctor", "The family nurse" is applied that brings closer them to the population.
  5. Compensation of the family doctor and nurse has to be differentially taking into account indicators of health of the population, depression of number of unreasonable inspections, consultations, quantity of unreasonable calls of the ambulance and an emergency aid, and also on preventive actions for preservation and promotion of health of the population (only the family doctor is interested in health of healthy).
  6. A possibility of use of financial means not itemized, and free and flexible management of the funds allocated for primary prophylaxis (motivation of patients, personnel), on the service satisfying needs of the population (creation of comfort, development of infrastructures).
  7.  To look at functional duties of the doctor and nurse of PHC towards independent and autonomous sisterly practice, and also for service of the population domiciliary in urgent cases through intensive courses of training.
  8. Creation and further development at the level of PHC of new model of visiting activity of nurses for work with children from 0 to 3 years, women with duration of gestation up to 32 weeks, elderly and lonely aged, seriously ill, with the families which appeared in a difficult life situation. The initial name of Soviet period - the visiting nurse, doesn't reflect the new functionality imposed by area of responsibility of the nurse of a new formation. We need to develop universal andprogressive model of visiting visits domiciliary (necessary services for all families + strenuously - intensive services of visits of the visiting worker limited on the basis of assessment of risks and requirement). We suggest to enter the new name of the visiting nurse - the family consultant, and instead of visiting service we suggest to enter Service of family consultation. Family consultants will be framed from the second, third nurses
  9. To develop the NPA concerning activity of Service of family Consultation and new functionality of the family consultant at the level of Primary health care (together with UNICEF, medical colleges, Association of nurses).
  10. To develop and enter forms of the statistical account and the reporting under sisterly activity (medical colleges and the best practicing medical organizations for a nursing).
  11. To provide possibilities of receiving the academic education (a bachelor degree, magistracy) for the practicing nurses in the form of the correspondence, evening education (medical schools and colleges).
  12.  To develop uniform system of standards and norms of nurse business (HEI, colleges, Associations of nurses).
  13. To define and regulate contents and norms of social and psychological services to the population on an agent of various social packages, depending on category of the population, taking into account a situation and duration of rendering services. For example, concerning the early childhood, prevention of disability, a due care, on prophylaxis of a case rate, child mortality, ill treatment and a social orphanhood, on work with elderly people, fateful and seriously ill.
  14. To develop mechanisms of integration of psychiatric services into PHC for the purpose of early detection and maintaining patients with mental and boundary disorders, including work with the immediate family environment of mentally sick person (together with institute of psychiatry). To consider the possibility of opening of offices of the emergency psychological assistance, the organization of multidisciplinary and polyprofessional crews.
  15.  To promote the organization of alternative forms of assistance to mental patients: participation of private clinics, the NGO specializing in this sphere.
  16.  Creation on a voluntary commercial basis of the social service centers at the PHC organization rendering the accompanying services for the persons which appeared in a difficult life situation: seriously ill patients, fateful lonely aged, persons with limited opportunities, lonely mothers).
  17. To develop system of encouragement of the population for the purpose of preservation and promotion of health. For example, the organization of public recreational actions (competitions, campaigns, visits of sport clubs), distribution of incentive gifts in the form of devices for express diagnostics, balances, subscriptions of the gym, visit of pools, saunas, etc.
  18. To provide measures of responsibility of the population in respect of well-timed survey and the address by illnesses and prophylaxis, using the best international practice. For example, in Finland at untimely registration for the account on pregnancy, the woman loses a child care allowance, etc.
  19. Decrease of number of screenings level of PHC to 3-4.
To improve system of medicinal preferential providing according to reception duration drug and social category of the population (as far as it is vuln

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