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The history of the organization

Training and practical center of Family Medicine “Demeu” was founded in 2000 as a model family medical clinic “Demeu” by decision of Akim of Astana according to the Memorandum of Understanding among the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan, Astana city Akimat and American International Health Alliance (AIHA, USAID) to introduce social programs and social services in primary health care of Kazakhstan for the first time. The partnership with the city of Pittsburgh had allowed to see the activities of family medicine centers and other health care organizations in the United States.

From 2004 to 2006 - a new Memorandum of Understanding among the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare of Kazakhstan and American International Health Alliance (AIHA, USAID) to create a training center and replication of the model "Demeu" in Kazakhstan. A partnership with Columbia University’s School of Social work (New York, USA) was created. It was accepted as a successful: we had the opportunity to become familiar with the American experience in the integration of social programs and social work in health care in the city of Pittsburgh, New York, Washington and study it. 

As a result, professors and experts of the institution trained 4 Social Work Trainers, wrote methodological guide "Fundamentals of social work." Within 5 years, on the basis of "Demeu" worked 3 volunteer experts of social work from the UK and Kenya through an international organization VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas, headquarters in London).

For the further development of new social technologies were attracted new partners in the face of UN Children's Fund UNICEF, the project "Youth Friendly Clinics" had successfully implemented in 2004 - 2007 years, as a result Youth Health Center was organized for the first time in Kazakhstan and friendly services to adolescents and young people, which were complied with international requirements were put into practice.

Thus it was created a unique socially-oriented model of primary health care, that was aimed at satisfying the expectations and needs of the population, recognized by international experts as one of the best models of the world in the system of primary health care, including:

  • physicians’ family practice;
  • independent nursing practice;
  • social and psychological services for the population;
  • friendly services to adolescents and young people;
  • effective preventive work with the population through a public council, support groups, schools, patients, clubs, volunteerism, training leaders from the community;
  • unified health information system of health;
  • The educational center.
Now, "Demeu" is a training center for socially oriented medical staff and social workers in the field of health. To date, 145 psychologists and social workers, 360 representatives of  health care organizations through the department "Public health" and 182 students of  Medical University of Astana, Eurasian National University have been trained.

Practical experience of a new direction in the activity of the medical organization was scientifically researched and analyzed in the thesis works of Abzalova R.A., Tazhikenov ZH.SH., Mukataeva G.K., Bayserkina D.S., Kumarova G.H., Ten S.V. , Shonova A.B., Nurbekova B.A., Tausheva G.A., Zhanabekova Zh.Zh. Center "Demeu" opened a new research direction in public health: social and psychological work in primary health care, medical and social integration. This scientific and practical experience became the basis of normative documents about the development of primary health care, friendly services to youth of social work in the country's health.

According to the Resolution of the Acting akim of the city of Astana from 4/14/2017 No. 106-698 the RSE on the EJR «Training and practical center of Family Medicine «Demeu» of Astana city Akimat. is renamed on the Municipal State Enterprise on the Right of Economic jurisdiction "Municipal policlinic № 13" of   Astana city akimat

"Municipal  policlinic №13" is initiator of the inculcating the social work and social technologies to the country's health, independent nursing practice, new technologies to the professional organizations of primary health care.

Currently, the  "Municipal  policlinic №13"  provides medical, social, psychological and legal services to the public in a team with specialists: family doctors and nurses, gynecologists, midwives, social workers, psychologists and lawyers.


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