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Science and education

The important activities of "Municipal policlinic № 13"  are science and education. Introduction of innovative technologies to primary health care, evidence-based medicine, social work, psychology, new approaches to work with the population requires scientific base and scientific assessment. We embody all of these in our practice in accordance with international and native standards.

For us, the priority is the training of personnel in that area, which is not academic discipline in the medical institutions. We transfer our experience of social work, the provision of psychological services, effective methods of work with the population, adolescents, family and community to the students,  future family doctors and nurses, health managers.

Organization of roving seminars in different cities of Kazakhstan with the aim of replicating the experience of "Municipal policlinic № 13"  allows to show the effectiveness and viability of socially oriented model of primary health care, integration of health and social services, patient oriented assistance and new technologies.

Such model allows a specialist to grow professionally skilled in a natural way and become socially oriented.

Socially oriented doctor is a specialist who on the basis of special knowledge and skills of administering medical and social aid to population implements this type of activity in practice (independently, in co-ordination with a social worker), including to the recovering process the patients on their own, with their relatives and members of the surrounding community, as well as encouraging patients to be responsible for their own health and lead a healthy lifestyle, exclude factors of disease risk from the life through advancing literacy, awareness and social activism.

Socially oriented nurse is a specialist who working under the guidance of a doctor or independently, but in close cooperation with a team of experts of medical and social services, uses technologies of medical and social work with the population in his/her activity.


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