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The spiritual world

Dear visitors! We present you a "club of friends for spiritual enrichment." Each of us can make an effort to change their attitude towards themselves, to the world by the help of affirmative and positive thoughts that will help us to make our world a cheerful, happy, sympathetic, full of love, care and warmth. You will be able to broaden your horizons and learn a lot! It will also allow you to see the world through different eyes - to love yourself truly, to evaluate yourself and your capabilities. Materials will be replenished every week.
Valuable ideas for the development of the Soul!
1. Do you have the patience?
2. How to become a person who gifts
3. Modification of  quality
4. Positive communication
5. Responsibility and respect
6. Harmony of relations
7. The secret of contentment
8. Your wonderful "I"
9. Shining Star
10. What does Love mean for You ?
11. Responsibility and respect Part 2
12. The problem or decision
13. Problems and solutions - continuation
14. The owner of the house
15. The driver and car
16. Hope or fear
17. Illusory hopes
18. Beliefs or knowledge Part 1
19. Beliefs or knowledge  Part 2
20. Beliefs or knowledge Part 3
21. You are self-sufficient
22. The power of presence
23. True forgiveness
24. Take off your shoes
25. Art of appreciation yourself
26. Art of appreciation yourself  Part 2
27. Become a coach for your mind
28. Exemption from the internal barriers
29. Man is not an island
The book "The Secret of the eight forces"

Repeat these prescriptions and enjoy positive changes in life!
1.  I love myself for who I am
2. I can become that who I will want.   
3. I choose the best from this who I can be.
4. I bear responsibility for my life, my behavior and my acts.  
5. I am responsible for  who I am.      .
6. I take care about my body. 
7. I value my time and efforts.
8. Now I gain invaluable experience.
9. I reject negative thoughts.
10. I like to turn negative thoughts into positive.
11. Than more often I think positively, the I become surer.
12. Now I think as the positive person.
13. I breathe as the positive person.
14. I choose only the best thoughts.
15. I concentrate on the useful sides of each person and each events. 
16. I feel positively and surely.
17. I am sure of myself, i full of optimism and I hope for new challenge.
18. I am capable to make my dream.
19. I choose to be self-confidence
20. I believe in myself.
21. Now I feel self-confidence.
22. I am self-confident and   my abilities.
23. I radiate self-confidence.
24. I talk surely.
25. My
body language   projects self-confidence.
26. People catch my self-confidence and it allows them to be confident in me.
27. Every morning I get up with feeling of confidence.
28. Every day I become more and more self- confidence.
29. Every day and in every relation I realize the forces more and more.
30. I enjoy self-reliance.
31. I can make own decisions and make the choice.
32. I am free in the choice of such life which I want for myself.
33. I have the right to pay prime attention to my desires.   
34. I can choose happiness when I want, isn't dependent on circumstances.
35. I like to use an option.
I am flexible and open for changes in all spheres in my life.
37. Fear is only feeling, I can cross through him.
38. I turn facing the fears and I study for them.
39. My life – a fascinating adventure.
40.  I willingly investigate unknown

 41. I love myself.
42. I am absolutely healthy.
43.  I am surrounded with love, beauty and care.
44. I am surrounded by people who preserve and love me.
45. I trust myself and people who surrounded me.   
46. Every day I become quieter and more self-confident.
47. I am protected from noise and vanity.
48. Around me only happiness, joy and peace.
49. I am open for all new and interesting.
50. Life - a wonderful gift and I accept it with gratitude.
«You Are What You Think»

«To be happy – a habit,
to be unhappy – too.
  Choice is yours!»


Мы рассматриваем Вас как единое целое: Ваши мысли, чувства и тело!

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