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Page of "Charity and philanthropy for the population"
The highest form of charity is to give man Wisdom, because the Truth is the key to happiness (spiritual wisdom)
Charity is an important and effective tool that fills the objective and the inevitable imperfections of state social policy and market mechanisms. Whatever the official policy in the social sphere is, it does not allow to cope with all the problems of society.
"Municipal policlinic №13" offers everyone at the behest of the heart to become parties of assisting and supporting those who find themselves in difficult situations. On this page we will tell you about all the life stories of patients who really need this support and those who helped. We will tell you about the wonderful cases and events that have helped to ease the blows of fate or overestimate the values ​​of life. Everyone will be able to participate by providing moral, financial, technical, material, or any other possible assistance.
Combining efforts, attracting like-minded people, sponsors and patrons for rendering assistance, uplifting the positive spirit and the inner potential of people who are in the difficult situations. Implementation of programs of social values ​​and upbringing of spiritual and moral values ​​of the population.
 Areas of work
1. The social and psychological, advisory assistance to veterans of the Great Patriotic War, home front workers, Afghans affected by the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the Semipalatinsk polygon, etc .;
2. The social and psychological and advisory assistance to people with limited opportunities, people with morbidity disabilities;
3. The social and psychological, advisory assistance to people with cancer, HIV infection, tuberculosis, patients with severe forms of chronic diseases;
4. The social and psychological, advisory assistance to individuals who are in  the difficult situations.
5. The legal and psychological online counseling. Questions might be placed on the website of "Municipal policlinic №13".
For all the questions you can contact with the social and psychological assistance.
tel: 27-45-18; 49-84-36 Social and psychological service of  "Municipal policlinic №13"
Become a patron and be merciful! Do a good deed! Who gives a lot of beauty to this world, a lot of the good and the spiritual strength he gets!
Patients’ stories
Patient history: Abilova Magash Mirzagaliyevna
The date of birth: 01.06.1955 year.
Disabled of 3 group.
Abilova Magash  suffered an injury and lost an eye in a childhood. Every year she needs to change the prosthetic eye by the recommendation of a physician. In 2014 prosthetics conducted at her own expense. Currently Magash Mirzagaliyevna lives on pension and disability benefits (35 thousand tenge) and it is not enough money for the procedure.
Re-prosthetics requires the amount from 100 000 to150 000 t.
We’re asking people to respond.
Contact phones: 34-58-52, 8-7029236121 Abilova M.M.
27-45-18 (w) – Social and psychological service  of  "Municipal policlinic №13"

Мы рассматриваем Вас как единое целое: Ваши мысли, чувства и тело!

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