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Socially significant project «I choose kindness»

April 17, 2015 year on the basis of Municipal Children’s hospital №2 was a meeting of the Social and psychological council under the Public health department, in which socially significant project "I choose kindness" for medical organizations was approved and endorsed. The project went into a citywide plan, it was represented by the director of Training and practical center of Family Medicine "Demeu" Abzalova R.A. The plan and purpose of this project were presented in the territory of Astana city at the level of primary health care (clinics and family health centers) and other health organizations. The direct executors of this important project is the department of prevention and social and psychological service.
Information about executed work on the project activities will be going monthly and provided in the form of a report with the attachments of photos and videos under the project "I choose kindness" to email "Demeu" Tel: 27-45-15.
Tel: 27-45-18, 49-84-36 - experts Social and psychological service of  the "Municipal policlinic № 13".
Objective of the project:
- To revive the dignity of the individual, to create an atmosphere of goodwill and co-operation in society;
- To help people to realize the importance and the possibility of a friendly dialogue as the most effective solution of conflicts at all levels.
The overall objectives of the project:
Attracting public attention to the importance of revival of kindness in the family, at work and in society;
Developing a culture of friendly dialogue, as the best method of solving problems;
Identification and dissemination of information about the manifestation of good will(love, compassion, responsibility, respect, true goodness, how friendly people share knowledge) in the community through the media, internet resources, audio and video materials, printed matter;
Organization of educational programs and activities, design of interactive materials in the project areas.
According to the results of the meeting of the Social and psychological council, the Centre "Demeu" made distribution of information on the project "I choose kindness." In November and December, the International Conference on Social Work and Psychology  will be held in Astana city, which will summarize the project, and will be named the winners of the  project "I choose kindness" in the nomination "the best psychologist," "the best social worker." The best photos will be sent to Moscow, to the Center of spiritual development - the organizers of the International project "I choose kindness".

In the 2017th year work on the "I Choose kindness"  project continues to be implemented on bases of the PHC organizations.    

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