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Patients support service

Objective: To improve the quality of medical aid.
Patients Support Service was created (Internal control service) in accordance with Article 58 of the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On people's health and the health care system".
The functions of Patients Support Service include identifying violations of the order of rendering medical aid. In connection with this, if you:
- are not satisfied by the quality of medical aid;
- were faced with the fact of extortion of money by medical personnel for medical services that rendered within the framework of guaranteed free medical aid;
- and if you were faced with other problems associated with the procedure and quality of rendering medical aid, you may contact  Patients Support Service (Internal control service);
In order to observe the principles of objectivity and openness of your appeal, it will be considered by Commission and in your presence.
For your convenience, you can leave your written request in the "conversion box " with the name, surname and contact information (phone number, address, e-mail). Box for citizens is located at the entrance to the building of our Center.
We will review your appeal as soon as possible and not later than five calendar days to give you information on the results.

MSE on the REJ  "Municipal policlinic № 13" of   Astana city akimat supervises the Population Support Service. Deputy Director for Control of quality of Medical Services of the MSE on the REJ  "Municipal policlinic № 13" of   Astana city akimat Zakaryanova Laila Luhmanovna. You can contact with available questions on every Wednesday from 16: 00 to 18: 00.

Patients and their families have the right to apply. In order to determine the degree of satisfaction with the level and quality of rendering medical aid of our patients, as well as to identify issues and further improve the quality of care, we conduct a survey of our patients and (or) their relatives.
The survey is conducted on a voluntary basis, maintaining your anonymity, so it is not required to specify your name or address in the form. We would be grateful if you could answer the questionnaire by the answers that reflect your opinion.

Terms of complaints and suggestions
  1. Definition
Handling - directed to the subject, consider appeals, or official individual or collective written, verbal or in the form of an electronic document, certified by digital signature, offer, request, complaint, request or response.
This document defines the principles and procedures for dealing with complaints received by the medical organization in connection with the claims to its operations.
Complaints enterprise two types:
- on the actions of dissatisfaction with patients
- on the quality of medical services
During consideration complaint provided the timeliness, objectivity, fairness, impartiality and confidentiality in relation to the applicant and about the complaint.
In consideration of the complaint should not take the person involved, which had relevance to the complaint

  1. Resources
1) Staff
2) Boxes for complaints
  1. Documentation
1) The log of complaints
2) consideration of the application protocol
3) The answer to the applicant
  1. Procedures:
The process concludes following stages:
  1. Reception and registration of complaints:
Received complaints logged incoming and outgoing mail Office of the medical organization.
The applicant immediately wrote to the subject, issued ticket with the date and time, names and initials of the person who accepted the treatment.
Treatment should be addressed to the subject or the official, which is responsible for the resolution of issues raised in the appeal.
     The appeal of a physical person shall state the name, as well as the optional middle name, mailing address, legal entity - his name, address, reference number and date. Treatment must be signed by the applicant or certified by an electronic digital signature.
      During filing a complaint shall specify the name of the subject or title, surnames and initials of officials whose actions are appealed, motives and treatment requirements.
2. Terms of consideration of appeals
Treatment of physical and (or) a legal person is considered within a period not exceeding five calendar days.
3. Consideration of the appeal
During considering treatment by the Internal Control Service (Audit) provide an objective, comprehensive and timely consideration of appeals of individuals and legal entities. Take measures to restore the violated rights and freedoms of natural persons and legal entities;
In the study of treatment of employees of Internal Control Service (Audit) are responsible for the collection and presentation of information necessary to verify the treatment. Responsibility for handling complaints is vested in the Internal Audit Service (Audit), the deputy of medical work and heads of departments of the medical organization. In consideration of the complaint should not take the person involved, which had relevance to the complaint.
Protocol drawn up after consideration of the application. Protocol and materials (primary documentation, explanatory notes, etc.) are represented to the Internal Control (audit), the deputy of medical work and the head of the medical organization for discussion and action
According to the results of consideration of appeals there should be accepted one of the following decisions:
1) a full or partial satisfaction of the treatment;
2) to dismiss the appeal with the justification of such decision;
3) on giving clarifications on the merits treatment;
4) the termination of consideration of the application.
2. The answer to the applicant.
Responses to treatment should be justified on the content and motivated in the state language or the language of treatment with reference to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, contain specific facts to refute or confirm the applicant's arguments, explaining their right to appeal the decision.
3. Completion of the work on the complaint
After completion of the work on a specific complaint concerned department, together with the quality of service makes the decision on the development of corrective and preventive action to prevent the admission of repeated complaints.
Upon completion of the examination of the application responsible officer Internal Control Service (Audit) is a report on the complaint.
Responsible Officer shall verify the implementation of corrective and preventive action to prevent the admission of repeated requests. The audit he makes a note on the implementation of (non-fulfillment) of the above actions in the report.
Head of Internal Control Service (Audit) quarterly report of complaints, which states:
- The total number of complaints by type;
- The validity of the complaints;
- The structure of complaints.
The report on the complaints of the applicants is used in the analysis of the quality system by the management and the development of an action plan to improve the quality of care and patient satisfaction.
1. Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan (article 29)
2. Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan On people's health and the health care system (with alterations and amendments as of 10.07.2012)
Article 91. Rights of patients
Article 92. Duties of the patients
3. Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 12, 2007 N 221 "On the order of consideration of physical and legal entities"
4.Act of the Government of 22.12.2011g. 1577 «On approval of Rules of the organization and conduct of internal and external quality assessments of medical services."


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